North Shore Ball Hockey


Happy Mother's Day!

May 15, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!  

Here's to all the moms out there that raised their kids to play Canada's favourite sport eh!  Make your mom proud.  We'll see you all at the gym today for the season opener.  

Schedule is up

May 11, 2013

The schedule is up!  For any future schedule requests, please give 2 weeks advance notice in consideration of the other players.  There are no games for May 19, June 30, or August 4.  Check in with us on these holidays to find pickup games around the city.

Summer Season Starting Soon!

January 10, 2021

There's a great lineup of teams so far for the new Summer season starting up on May 12th. You will see a lot of the regular competitors, as well as some new teams wanting to make a name for themselves.

Division A

  • "North Shore Hitmen" Jeff Nahanee
  • "Canada Chiefs" Malcolm Key
  • "Control Freaks" Cary Bird

Division Purgatory

  • "Wheebid" Kenny MacKenzie
  • "Punishers" Tommy Dinh
  • "Thunder" Ryan Leonard
  • "Nine inch Males" Junior

Division B

  • "Red Dawn" Guy Demong
  • "Puck Off!" Sean Wood
  • "Off in the Woods" Andy White

If you have any questions about the new season, contact me by email or text/voice. Schedule coming soon.

Summer Season Starting Soon

May 15, 2013

Summer season starts Sunday May 12th!

Who won the DivB Championship!?

May 04, 2013

The ref has just announced that the last minute of play remaining in the DivB championship with Park Rangers up by one. Burn Bears' goalie races out of the net to free the extra attacker from the bench. Most of the play is kept in the Park Rangers zone, but they manage to make a few chances towards the Bears net. The Bears' players cut the angles and keep the team from an empty net goal. Back out of the Burn Bears zone for an enslaught of attempts against Park Rangers. It's coming down to the last seconds and the Burn Bears release a quick shot to top-right corner of the Rangers' net! Rangers' Goalie, Leonard, is too quick and gets a glove on it. In a very close match, with a huge save in the last seconds, Park Rangers clinch the DivB Championship over the Burn Bears 9-8.

Thank you for a great season everyone. We hope to see many of you in the Summer starting May12!