Welcome to the New Season!

Last Day to Pay!
What You Need to Know for Summer/14

January 10, 2021

Registration / Signin (Everyone)

For your first game, please show up 20-45 minutes early for registration*. Our booth will be set up to your left when you enter the rec center. Your registration may include

  • Sign-in (confirm contact info & current jersey #);
  • Waiver;
  • Jersey**; and
  • Registration (for players that haven't registered online).

* There is usually lots of parking between Lonsdale and Chesterfield on 2nd.
**The current jersey rental is free; however, a jersey deposit of $20 cash is required.

Registration (New Players Only)
Save time and avoid long lineups by registering before Saturday 11:55pm!

Questions about the new season?

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