Spring 2020 Season Ends

Game Adjustments

April 27, 2020

Hello League Members,

Unfortunately, the Spring Season has been completely cancelled; and so, the Championship winners will forever be a mystery.

At this point, we've sent all refunds and credits.

For PayPal and Square, the refund FAQs suggests 5-30 day total refund period. The refund will be returned to your credit, or debit. You do not need to make a PayPal account to receive the funds; however, there is a wait after your refund is marked "Complete" and show on your credit card. Please contact us or PayPal if more than 7 days after marked Complete.

We're still waiting on a few league members to settle outstanding fees from their end. For those players, please send us a quick note to let us know where you stand, and if you'll need more time. We're here to help our league members.

Stay safe and Healthy


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