About Us

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About Us

History Of The League

North Shore Ball Hockey came into existence in late 2010 as an answer to the lack of a ball hockey league on the North Shore. Steadily the league has grown from eight teams and one division to where we are at today! Getting here has been no easy task, and the positive evolution of the league has been largely driven through player suggestions, feedback and continued loyalty towards team sports.

How Are We Different?

Participating in a team sport is an important part of building strength, group communication and overall happiness. We recognize and bring these aspects together into a professional and organized environment. We have a democratic forum to vote on changes that are vital to the continued evolution and development of your league. We offer game statistics the night of the game; we also post pictures, videos and game news at different points during the season.

  • Democratic forum for your captain to vote on league changes,
  • Statistics updated night of the games,
  • Player surveys to determine where best to put our efforts, and
  • Pictures, videos and so much more.

Why Join This League?

Team sports strengthen and improve communication skills which means you'll be better at leading and interacting in a group setting. There's evidence that exercising regularly makes people healthier, happier and more resistant to illness. We want you to take that shot, score that goal, then go online later to sift over your points for the game. You want to hang out with good friends, have some good laughs, and play Canada's favourite sport.


New To The League

Welcome!  If you're new to this league then you'll have a lot of questions and we'll try our best to answer all of them in the following text.  If you still have questions, please contact us at any time as we're more than happy to help.  The following section explains what to expect, equipment you'll need and how to sign up as a team or free agent.


What To Expect

This hockey is a little different than the casual street hockey game on a lazy Sunday.  The game is fast-paced so you'll need short-shifts, quick changes and the discipline to prove yourself victorious.  Come in early for a little socializing before getting in a quick warm-up in the gym.  The two 25-minute periods of action packed hockey are watched by two officials.   Look online after the game for stats and any news.  Throughout the season you'll see videos, pictures and the occasional interview.



Equipment needs.  This section should just have pictures of what to bring to the game and a short caption explaining.

  • Stick: without tape on the blade
  • Runners: good set of runners as the floor is rubber and not wood.
  • Gloves: Ball hockey gloves protect and make for easy stick handling.  These are now mandatory.
  • Shin-pads: Use the thin plastic shells.  These are mandatory.
  • Helmets: Some players wear a helmet while others don't.
  • Mouth-guard: Although unlikely, protect your teeth.
  • Balls: Bring some balls for warm up.



Sign Up My Team

Ready to sign up your new team?  Here's some info you'll need to get started.

  • List of the players including their full name, phone number and email address.
  • Team Name (can change later)


Join as Free Agent

Each season we try to put together a great league team with like minded players that should be a great experience.  Join by yourself or join with some friends.  Just let us know who you want to play with when you sign up for the new season.


Pricing And Promotion

We pride ourselves on some of the best value for competitive recreational ball hockey around the Lower Mainland. Our refs are highly experienced and there's someone around at the games to field questions and keep everything running smoothly.

Free Trial

Want to get to know the league before making a commitment? We get it, and that's why we offer a free trial for players interested in joining the league.

* regular paying players have preference but we'll always do our best


Get in on the earlybird savings by making payment early! Look out for earlybird info posted about a month before each new season opener.


Want to get paid to play? Refer one of your friends to the league and we'll pay you $15!

* Full-time Free Agent paid in full.

Sponsor Offers

We're currently looking for sponsor deals to hand out to our players. Contact us if you know of any organizations looking to give some swag or discounts to get noticed.