About Us

NSBHA is the premier league of the North Shore for men ages 17+. We deliver fun, fast paced hockey to those looking for a challenge. The games are well designed to provide exciting games for players just like you. In fact, chances are you know someone who plays in the league.

The games start with a quick 5 minute warm-up followed by two 25 minute halves. Every game is controlled by two referees. All of your play statistics such as goals scored and assists will be recorded and displayed online for all to see.

We try to keep the teams fairly balanced to create fair and competitive games. You are more than welcome to sign-up with some of your friends for an even more enjoyable playing experience. All of our players have a hockey mentality, and after the games they'll often head over to Boston Pizza only a block away.

Most drop in centers around North Vancouver have a charge of about $7 for an unorganized directionless game. From the NSBHA you get so much more value for a roughly $10 a game.

We encourage players to communicate with the league to influence and help us grow. After all this is your league!

What We Offer

  1. Friendship, Camaraderie
  2. Placement on a Balanced Team
  3. Fun, Competitive Environment
  4. Accredited Refereeing
  5. Online Statistics
  6. Easy Communication between League and Players
  7. Great Value!