• Schedule Posted up to March 17

    January 15, 2019
  • Calling All Free Agents

    January 15, 2019

    2 spots have recently opened up on a fun and competitive B-Div team! Contact Us.

  • Accidents Galore

    January 13, 2019

    If you're coming over second narrows bridge, leave extra time, and check for accidents!

  • Season Opener for Spr/19

    January 13, 2019

    NSBHA Logo Can you believe the holidays are long gone already?

    Your new season starts shortly, and we're excited for the incredible competition drawn to this league..

    • Waivers, jerseys, and member fees must be taken care of this Sunday - It is suggested to show up 35 minutes early.
    • Jersey for the season is $25 (cash only) - refundable deposit of 20, plus 5 into the Jersey Replacement Fund.

    Your league values creating fun competition in a safe environment.

  • New Spr/19 Season Starts Jan 13

    January 13, 2019

    Calling all teams and free agents, the new season starts January 13th !

    Spots are filling fast, so don't delay!

    Email For More Info

    Info & Payment Here

    logo Bot's Bots
    The Guys
    Park Rangers Thumb Park Rangers
    NIM Nine Inch Males
    J.E.T.S J.E.T.S
    hawks_thumb.jpg Seymour Pub Hawks Chiefs_thumb.jpg Canada Chiefs logo Snipers
    Puck Off! Puck Off!
    Shockers Shockers
  • Championship Winners Fall/18

    December 11, 2018

    Division A (OT)

    Make way for the Park Rangers' rise to the top this season finishing first in a close competition against NIM.

    Park Rangers win A-Division

    Division B (OT)

    Bot's Bots programs a win against a ultra-competitive J.E.T.S. in OT.

    Bot's Bots win B-Division

    Division C (OT)

    Puck Off! wins the championship playing against a fierce Thunder.

    Puck Off! win C-Division
  • Regular Season Player Honours for Fall/18

    November 27, 2018

    Player Honours

    Congratulations to the outstanding achievement of everyone this season!

    Top Teams by Div for Regular Season

    (before seed)

    1. (Div A) Park Rangers
      • 9 Wins, 18 of 20 pts (90%)
      • 65GF, 24GA, +41 differential.
    2. (Div B) The Guys (Jumped to A-Div!)
      • 6 Wins/1 OTL, 13 of 20 pts (65%)
      • 38GF, 44GA, -6 differential.

    Top Points (after seed)

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: Roy Cabrita - 41p
    Chiefs: Jon Power - 35p
    NIM: Noam Davies - 31p
    Bot's Bots: Curtis Catt 39p
    Bot's Bots: Max Catt 21p
    Hawks: Connor Jecks 20p
    Bot's Bots: Spencer Pakulak 20p
    Thunder: Saffa Mayelafshar 17p
    Thunder: Nicholas Setah 15p
    Puck Off!: Nara Barreca 10p
    Thunder: Greg Macleod 10p

    Top Goals

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: Roy Cabrita - 24g
    NIM: Noam Davies - 20g
    Chiefs: Jon Power - 18g
    Bot's Bots: Curtis Catt 28g
    Hawks: Connor Jecks 16g
    Bot's Bots: Max Catt 12g
    Thunder: Saffa Mayelafshar 14g
    Thunder: Nicholas Setah 9g
    Puck Off!: Nara Barreca 7g

    Top Assists

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: Zach Kelm - 22a
    Chiefs: Roy Cabrita - 17a
    Chiefs: Jon Power - 17a
    Chiefs: Malcolm Key - 17a
    J.E.T.S: Jake Wells 12a
    Bot's Bots: Michael Yin 12a
    Bot's Bots: Curtis Catt 11a
    Thunder: Greg Macleod 8a
    Thunder: Colin Hui 7a
    Thunder: Nicholas Setah 6a

    Top Goalies

    DivA DivB DivC
    Park Rangers:
    Ron Campbell 2.40GAA

    Guy Demong 3.20GAA

    Bot's Bots
    Spencer Shaw 4.70GAA

    Adam Greene 5.80GAA
    Todd Demong: 6.60

    Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!

  • Playoff Seeding for Fall/18

    November 21, 2018

    Please note, your seed depends on factors within your new division, as well as the league totals.

    Spr2018 Playoff Seeding Decision_hires.p

  • Playoff Schedule to be Posted Shortly

    November 21, 2018

    Our apologies, for any delay. Please check back Wednesday for scheduled playoffs.

  • Fall/18 Playoff Format

    November 18, 2018

    This has been one of our best seasons to date, and we're seeing fierce competition growing among all teams. Playoff format for this season will break into 3 divisions. For seeding, one of the B Div teams may move up, replacing an A Div team depending on performance.

    Playoff Notes:

    • Playoffs begin November 25, and are single-game knockout.
    • The league will split off into 3 divisions for playoffs.
    • For playoff eligibility, a player must have 4 regular season games, and be in good standings with the league.

    Division Format:

    A-Div Four (4) teams compete in championship (Single-Game Knockout)
    B-Div Four (4) teams compete for the championship (Single-Game Knockout)
    C-Div Two (2) teams compete for the championship (Single-Game Knockout)

    Division placement decided by small panel within the league. Our mandate is to make league playoffs competitive, while not creating an advantage to any team. We do our best to make the competition fair.


    Please note, your seed depends on factors within your playoff division, as well as league stats using CBHA division seeding rules.

    Please email us if you have any questions. team@nsbha.com