• March 11 Schedule Change

    March 04, 2018

    Please double-check your game times for Mar 11.

  • Something Missing

    March 04, 2018


    An unfortunate stick to the mouth disintegrated these teeth. Please, remind your teammates to keep sticks down.

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  • Make Way for the Next Team

    February 12, 2018

    Friendly reminder to teams, to promptly clear out from the gym as soon as the game ends. Since the games run closely together, it allows the next team to settle, and get a quick warm-up. Thanks for understanding.

  • Player Stats

    February 11, 2018

    Shoot a quick message if you notice any stats missing. "NSBHA Stats" stats@nsbha.com

  • Season Opener Today!

    January 13, 2018

    NSBHA Logo

    We're all fired up for a new season boasting an incredible 12 Teams !

    To prepare, new players should register here.

    If anyone needs a waiver, requires a jersey, or needs to pay: it is suggested to show up 35 minutes early (and avoid the line up). This gives you time to park, sign in, check out a jersey, sign a waiver and submit member fees.

    If you require a jersey for the season it's $25 (cash only) - refundable deposit of 20, plus 5 into the Jersey Replacement Fund.

    Now, let's have some fun playing hockey!

  • League is Full

    January 07, 2018

    The league is now full! We'll be getting back to Free Agents in the next week to place on any teams requiring players.

  • Spr/18 Extended Season Teams

    January 07, 2018

    For the new extended season, we are proud to announce an additional spot. Also, Free Agents needed! Get in while you can!

    logo Snipers
    blackaces_thumb.jpg Black Aces
    The Guys
    hawks_thumb.jpg Seymour Pub Hawks
    Chiefs_thumb.jpg Canada Chiefs League 1 Grinders Park Rangers Thumb Park Rangers
    North Shore Indians North Shore Indians
    Puck Off! Puck Off! NIM Nine Inch Males
    J.E.T.S J.E.T.S
    Grease Unit Grease Unit
  • New Season Begins January 14th

    December 30, 2017

    Circle-Red-3-icon.png Only Three Team Spots Remain.

    Many Free Agent spots available.

    Calling all teams and free agents, the new season starts January 14th !

    Spots are filling fast, so don't delay!

    Email For More Info

    Info & Payment Here


  • Fall/17 League Champions

    December 13, 2017

    Canada Chiefs take the A-Division Championship

    Canada Chiefs Championship pic
    Canada Chiefs win A-Division with a total of 109 goals, 22 points and 11 wins.

    The Guys take B-Division Championship

    The Guys B-Division Champions
    The Guys win B-Division with a total of 62 goals, 14 points and 7 wins.

    North Shore Warriors wins C-Division Championship

    Warriors C-Division Champions
    North Shore Warriors win C-Division with a total of 75 goals, 12 points and 6 wins.
  • Regular Season Player Honours for Fall/17

    December 10, 2017


    Congratulations to the outstanding achievement of everyone this season!

    Top Teams by Div for Regular Season

    1. (Div A) Canada Chiefs 10 Wins, 20 of 20 pts (100%), 95GF, 31GA, +64 differential.
    2. (Div B) Seymour Pub Hawks 6 Wins/1 OTL, 13 of 20 pts (65%), 56GF, 52GA, +4 differential.
    3. (Div C) North Shore Warriors 4 Wins, 8 of 20 pts (40%), 56GF, 71GA, -15 differential.

    Top Points

    DivA DivB DivC
    NIM: Rory Neil - 44p
    Chiefs: Roy Cabrita - 33p
    NIM: John Miguez - 31p
    Hawks: Connor Jecks - 23p
    Indians: Shane Levine - 22p
    Indians: Emelkin - 20p
    Warriors: Aaron Naziel - 36p
    Warriors: Jake Wells - 18p
    Snipers: Dallas Hunt - 18p

    Top Goals

    DivA DivB DivC
    NIM: Rory Neil - 24g
    Chiefs: Roy Cabrita - 21g
    NIM: John Miguez - 15g
    Hawks: Connor Jecks - 14g
    Rangers: Aaron Stevenson - 11g
    Indians: Troy Baker 10g
    Warriors: Aaron Naziel - 27g
    Puck Off!: Tyler McBride - 11g
    Snipers: Navi Sandhu - 9g
    G-Unit: Barrett Radziszewski - 9g

    Top Assists

    DivA DivB DivC
    NIM: Rory Neil - 20a
    NIM: Aneel Mattu - 19a
    Chiefs: Zach Kelm - 17a
    Indians: Shane Levine - 13a
    Hawks: Jeff Brailsford - 13a
    Indians: Emelkin - 11a
    Warriors: Eddie Taylor - 14a
    Snipers: Dallas Hunt - 13a
    Warriors: Doug Narcisse - 13a

    Top Goalies

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: 3.10GAA
    NIM: Guy Demong 3.20GAA
    Guys, The: Taylor Fentiman 5.10GAA
    Hawks: Rob Hira 5.20GAA
    G-Unit: Hayden Ordel 5.00GAA
    Black Aces: Todd Demong 5.20GAA

    Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!