• Playoff Seeding for Spr/18

    May 14, 2018

    Please note, your seed depends on factors within your new division, as well as the league totals.

    Spr2018 Playoff Seeding Decision_hires.p

  • Happy Mother's Day!

    May 13, 2018

    Here's to all the moms out there that raised their kids to play Canada's favourite sport, eh! Make your mom proud. Wishing you and your family all the best.

    No Games today - we return for playoffs on May 27.

  • Extended Season Player Honours for Spr/18

    May 12, 2018

    Player Honours

    Congratulations to the outstanding achievement of everyone this season!

    Top Teams by Div for Regular Season

    1. (Div A) Canada Chiefs
      • 15 Wins, 30 of 30 pts (100%)
      • 128GF, 46GA, +82 differential.
    2. (Div B) J.E.T.S (Advanced to A-Div!)
      • 11 Wins/2 OTL, 24 of 30 pts (80%)
      • 123GF, 75GA, +48 differential.
    3. (Div C) Black Aces (Advanced to B-Div!)
      • 9 Wins, 18 of 30 pts (60%)
      • 89GF, 71GA, +18 differential.

    Top Points

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: Jon Power - 56p
    Chiefs: Zach Kelm - 55p
    NIM: John Miguez - 47p
    NS Indians: Aaron Naziel - 52p
    J.E.T.S: Tiegan Gabriel - 49p
    J.E.T.S: Sean Mahedy - 47p
    Black Aces: Eric Kovacic - 33p
    Puck Off!: Tyler McBride - 32p
    Puck Off!: Nara Barreca - 22

    Top Goals

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: Jon Power - 37g
    Chiefs: Roy Cabrita - 29g
    NIM: John Miguez - 27g
    NS Indians: Aaron Naziel - 36g
    J.E.T.S: Sean Mahedy - 30g
    J.E.T.S: Tiegan Gabriel - 24g
    Puck Off!: Tyler McBride - 19g
    Black Aces: Ciaran Olsen - 15g
    Puck Off!: Nara Barreca - 14g

    Top Assists

    DivA DivB DivC
    Chiefs: Zach Kelm - 45a
    NIM: Aneel Mattu - 27a
    Chiefs: Kyle Moyer - 22a
    J.E.T.S: Kyle Wallace - 31a
    J.E.T.S: Tiegan Gabriel - 25a
    NS Indians: Kono Douglas - 21a
    J.E.T.S: Jake Wells - 21a
    Black Aces: Eric Kovacic - 22a
    Puck Off!: Tyler McBride - 13a
    Black Aces: Quinn Johnson -13a

    Top Goalies

    DivA DivB DivC
    Bill Lundholm 3.07GAA

    Guy Demong 3.67GAA

    (Shared) 5.00GAA

    Park Rangers:
    (Shared) 5.87GAA
    Black Aces:
    Todd Demong 4.73GAA

    Puck Off!:
    Shed Edwards 6.13GAA

    Grease Unit:
    Hayden Ordel 6.13GAA

    Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!

  • Break Between Regular Season and Playoffs

    May 10, 2018

    There are no games over Mother's Day, or Victoria weekend. Enjoy the time with family, friends, and sun. See you for the beginning of playoffs on May 27 !

  • May 6 Forfeit @ 630

    May 06, 2018

    Grease Unit has forfeit against puck off @ 6:30pm

  • May 01, 2018

    Stats are up, except for the Puck Off! vs Black Aces game - we should have this sheet tomorrow. Please send a quick note if you notice anything missing stats@nsbha.com

  • Game Time Change Apr 22

    April 09, 2018

    Please double-check your game times if you are playing one of the early games on Apr 22.

  • Net News Everyone!

    April 08, 2018


    This brand new secondary netting should keep those balls secured.

    Thanks to the players for continued support and suggesting this needed upgrade.

  • March 11 Schedule Change

    March 04, 2018

    Please double-check your game times for Mar 11.

  • Something Missing

    March 04, 2018


    An unfortunate stick to the mouth disintegrated these teeth. Please, remind your teammates to keep sticks down.

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